Hello, lovelies! It’s that time of year again…the annual KRP Senior Team search! I am accepting applications for those graduating in 2020 from ALL local high schools. If you’re interested in applying to represent KRP, please message me and I’ll send you the information. I am SO excited about this year! AHHH!

KRP Senior Team | Kelly Rhoades Photography

Mr G | A Winter Session

Sometimes, we get a “warm” winter day and beautiful things happen. Suddenly, 60 degrees feels like 80, and we’re able to run and play outside as if it were spring or summer! For this session, we capitalized on that and grabbed some really fun shots. I am STILL cracking up at the number of poses and dance moves this kid displayed during our time together. HILARIOUS!! <3

Winter Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Children's Photographer | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Child Photographer | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Lifestyle Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Child photo session | Kelly Rhoades Photography