Ashley | KRP Real Senior

I honestly don’t know where to begin when it comes to the AHHHMAZING ladies that were part of the KRP Senior Team this year. Seriously. The world would be a better place if we had more of their kindness, intelligence, and spirit. Each of these women is beautiful, and not just in the physical sense. They are BEAUTIFUL people on the inside. It was absolutely my pleasure to work with them this year.

I like to ask each of the girls a few questions after our time together. First up, we have Ashley! Check out what she had to say!

Senior Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography

What high school do you attend?: 


Senior Session with dog | Kelly Rhoades Photography

If you've chosen the school or university you're planning to attend, and been accepted, please share!

Slippery Rock University

Senior Team | Kelly Rhoades Photography

What are your post-high school plans? If you've chosen a school, what will your major be?: 

I will be studying Criminal Justice at Slippery Rock University in hopes of becoming an FBI Agent one day

Senior Rep | Kelly Rhoades Photography

What accomplishments are you most proud of this year?: 

Getting accepted into the Honors College at Slippery Rock, doing well with my cyber school, and managing work, school, and family/friends time

Senior Pictures | Kelly Rhoades Photography

What was your favorite part of being a KRP Real Senior?: 

My favorite part was exploring all of the sites we could shoot at and choosing pretty scenery. Also, I loved how fun and humorous Kelly was to work with. :)

Fun Senior Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography

Stay tuned for interviews with the other KRP Real Seniors!!

Libby | KRP Real Senior

On the coldest day of the year (or maybe ever), I was thinking about a session I did on the HOTTEST day of the year! Libby, a Meadville senior, braved some major heat (in her jeans and long sleeves!) to get some shots with her horse, Moose. We found a couple shaded areas so it wouldn’t be quite so overwhelming, and they both did great. I had so much fun with these two!!

Senior Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Senior with Horse | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Senior Pictures | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Senior Photographer | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Senior Girl with Horse | Kelly Rhoades Photography

The M Children | A Fall Session

These three kiddos were SO much fun to work with. They each had their own ideas for the session and I loved it! Mom was going to sit this one out, but the kids and I convinced her to get in the frame. Moms…GET IN THE PICTURE!! They’re only little for a short time. You will NEVER regret having those memories. Even if it’s just a shot or two…DO IT!!

Mom and children | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Children's Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Meadville Children's Photographer | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Childrens Session | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Meadville Photographer | Kelly Rhoades Photography
Fall Photo Shoot | Kelly Rhoades Photography